You’ve made the decision to sell your Big Bear Cabin/Home? You want to position yourself for a quick and successful sale. What’s the most important thing you can do to entice buyers?

“The most important thing you can do is to make your Big Bear Cabin/Home look welcoming when people drive by”? “You want to invite them in. Make sure your front door looks nice. Trim and landscape your yard (don’t forget those pine needles). Accent your entryway with a new door mat and pots of flowers (weather providing) that contrast with the color of your home”.

Follow these tips to position your Big Bear Cabin/Home for a successful sale:

  • Enhance curb appeal
  • A well-maintained home/cabin appeals to more buyers and can sell faster and may sell for a higher price, (according to
  • Maximize your home’s exterior appearances. Keep the yard and landscaping edged and cut and watered. Inspect doors, windows, trim, decks, stairs, siding for peeling paint. Repaint and replace as needed. Clean out gutters and replace missing caulk and shingles.
  • Declutter inside. Make your cabin/home look bigger by removing clutter and storing items and extra furniture before prospective buyers arrive.
  • “Repairs are ongoing maintenance needs that show your home has been well-cared-for and kept up-to-date”. “Most potential buyers want turn-key cabin/homes that are easy to move into”.
  • Repaint dingy or stained walls with a neutral shade of paint. Repair cracks or holes in walls, ceilings, tile and woodwork.
  • Show lifestyle possibilities.
  • Create a theme/lifestyle story to help buyers envision themselves living in your Big Bear Cabin/Home.“You want to show buyers the ways they can use the entire home and yard”. Stage your home.
  • Highlight quality brands. Point out high-quality brands on your home’s sell sheet.
  • Point out any energy-saving benefits and warranties that may transfer to potential buyers.
  • Price-a well-priced cabin/home will sell.
  • Always remember, you want a “SOLD” sign, not a “FOR SALE” sign.